The doctHERs

What Makes Us Unique?

An integrated health and wellness platform – curated for coordinated care, providing an end to end healthcare solution.

We Offer

Curated customer patient journey

Coordinated Care Model for each patient

Proactively manage patients with chronic diseases

Unlimited access to Primary Care virtually

Maintain EMRs digitally

Personalized health & wellness options

Our Work

Health Financing

Our sister concern, Naya Jeevan, facilitates us to finance, audit and coordinate healthcare for corporate employees and their families.

Primary Virtual Care

With a network of doctHERs (female HCPs), we ensure every patient has access to primary care – we integrate them in a circle of wellness via CCM.


Our e-pharmacy vertical, Nuskhaa, assists us in extending our services to include cashless medicine delivery and lab tests – allowing for a holistic patient journey.

Our Health Programs

We provide a wide variety of health programs that cover everything; from hypertension and diabetes, to hepatitis and maternity care. One of our most popular ones is the New Beginnings and Mental Health Program.

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